Development Update! #1

Jul 23, 2020 | General

It’s been a while since we wrote something, so we want to update you on what has happened in the past weeks and months.

This new format, which is called “Development Update!”, Will be continued from now on to give you an insight into what is happening in development.

The past few weeks have mainly been about planning the systems we want to insert and how they are related. The main focus was on the weapons system as it will play an important role in the game. The following is a list of our decisions:

Weapons skill system:

Here we have mainly thought about how the player can use the weapons and how to make progress. This point is already fully planned and mostly implemented in the game. The next step in this regard will be to make the player’s progress well visible to the player in the UI. For this, we will first think about how exactly our skill tree should be displayed and how the skills are related. This will be discussed and documented in more detail in the next few days.

Here is a rough explanation of how the weapon skill system works:

There will be different races in the game. Unlike many other games, however, every race will be able to carry and use any weapon in the game. However, in addition to the level of the character, the skill to handle a certain weapon type must be trained. And this is exactly the difference between the races, because not every race learns to use a weapon as quickly as the other. So each race will have a factor for every weapon with which the experience the character gets for the skill is calculated.

  • An elf has a learning factor of 0.8 for handling the ax.
  • A dwarf has the learning factor 1.5 for handling the ax.
  • A monster gives 100 EXP for weapon skills.

Assuming the elf and dwarf both use an ax to kill this monster, the experience the monster gives is assigned to the weapon skill for the ax.

In this case, the experience of the monster would offset the learning factor.

This results in the following results:

  • Eleven: Ax learning factor 0.8 * 100 EXP = 80 EXP
  • Dwarf: Ax learning factor 1.5 * 100 EXP = 150 EXP

In connection with weapon skill planning, we have also thought about how we can represent the crafting of weapons in connection with the elements and their anomalies.

Element anomalies:

The element anomalies in the game are stone-shaped beings that randomly spawn somewhere on the map. These stones are of a certain level and can be destroyed by the player by damaging them until they run out of HP. Among other things, these stones have the chance to drop element stones. These can then be used by the player when crafting to assign a certain element to his weapon.

In addition to element stones, element anomalies will also drop other special items, such as skill books that can be used by the player to improve their skills, as well as stones with certain bonuses that can be used in slots in weapons.

Weapons crafting and upgrading:

To craft weapons it will be necessary to have collected the right materials beforehand. Among other things, an element stone is required so that an element can be assigned to the weapon.

We have made it our goal that every weapon the player owns is still important at later levels in the game and in the higher level area. So it will be possible in our system to keep improving the weapon so that it can be used at the higher levels.

We are currently working on this system, which will take some time before it works.

There will certainly be a video about this in the future.

Level design:

Among other things, we have thought about how we want to build the world, for this we have some pictures for you from the first sketches to the scene we have already worked on, but of course not yet finished:

One of the first Sketches of the World
World map in more detail
World Map as scene in Unity – Here we planned where exactly to position Buildings and Citys
World Map current Status
World Map current Status


We have also thought about these functions and systems, we will deal with them in future posts:

  • Guild system
  • Armour System
  • Jewelry System with sets and bonuses
  • Pets and other accompanying NPCs
  • Housing System
  • World Boss System
  • Story and Quest
  • General team workflows to work more efficiently
  • Solutions to improve game performance