Element System

The world of Tales of Rescaria Online takes place in a continent where every life has its origin in the elements fire, water, air and earth. The energy of these elements can be bundled and made physical in the form of stones. The largest bundles and thus the largest source for these energies can be found in 5 rocks, of which 4 each carry only the energy of a single element and the largest rock carries the energy of all 4 elements at the same time. The 4 rocks with the individual elements can be found across the entire continent in the north, south, west and east and are kept secret and protected by monks in temples.


An event in the story behind the world of Rescaria caused an imbalance in the system of elements, causing anomalies in many places.

Element anomalies is a material that has been created incorrectly due to the imbalance in the element system. This material is stone-shaped and spoils the life in its environment. This stone can be destroyed by players, i.e. the stone has a lifeline. This stone does not actively defend itself, but it can spawn groups of monsters that attack the player who is currently damaging the stone. The player now has the choice whether to damage the stone to the end until it is destroyed, because then all monsters that he has spawned disappear, or if he kills the monsters first. It would be important to kill the monsters first if the monsters are very strong, because the number will increase and at some point the player could die from the large number of monsters not managing to defend himself against so many. Once the stone is destroyed, it drops special loot.

  • Each map has a certain number of stones that randomly spawn somewhere in the map
  • If a stone is destroyed, a new stone will spawn somewhere on this map after a certain time (e.g. after 10 minutes)
  • A stone spawns monsters according to its life (the first damage and then every 20% again, thus at: 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%
  • There are different stones and they have a level (the level also corresponds to the level of difficulty)
  • The level of the stone determines which monsters it spawns (roughly in this level area)
  • A player who is more than 10 levels higher than the stone no longer drops any of this stone

Element stones

Element stones are objects that carry the energy of a certain element. The player can obtain these stones by destroying the element anomaly stones. These element stones are used to craft weapons, which assigns an element to the weapon. The element of a weapon decides on some abilities that are then available to the player.