First glimpses

Our goal is to create a world that is characterized by the medieval style. So we started to build the first buildings that will later be part of the world of Rescaria. This world will consist of three empires: One primarily under the rule of humans, one under the rule of the elves and one […]

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Sktech of the logo of Tales of Rescaria Online

First Sketches of the Logo

We are currently working on the first ideas for the game’s logo. Mika has created the first sketches for this, which we will discuss in the next meeting. As soon as we have made a decision as to how the logo should look, we will post more pictures. But here are the pictures of the […]

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Tales of Rescaria Online – A New Project

Tales of Rescaria Online is the project of a small group of MMORPG and fantasy fans. The aim of this project is to develop an MMORPG. Jonas (Firetube) and Fabio (Second), who already worked together on another project and were not satisfied with its development, decided to start their own project in mid-March 2020. In […]

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